Recruitment Forumpngn/SWAGDVDDY_P

30.10.2013, 07:09 - penguinbruhbruh - Rank 1 - 1 Posts
In-game Name: SWAGDVDDY_P
Age: 18
Previous Teams: Invidious
Role: Infantry
Battlelog Profile link:
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity....ofiles/76561198017707573/
Anyone who will vouch for you: Trat
Why do you want to join and what can you offer the team: I want to extend my battlefield competitive experience, another reason is Trat is fucking cute, i'd love to join a team where I already know someone inside the team. I can offer years of competitive experience amongst a bunch of games like: CoD4, CoD2, CSS, CS:GO. I'm also a funny cunt, Trat can vouch.
31.10.2013, 06:35 - STALKER - Administrator - 26 Posts